About Mahy

Hi, I’m Emily Mahy.

I’ve always been drawn to sleek design, to slow and steady, to doing things right - and for the right reason. 

In 2011, armed with a stack of leather jackets sourced from local op shops, a kitchen table and a sewing machine, I started creating. I wanted to make something meaningful and practical; something with purpose that would make the world a better place. And so my foray into handcrafting leather handbags began. Under the label Go Ask Alice, I grew my business into a successful and sustainable operation, expanding my range and establishing the Further Doings studio in Grey Lynn, Auckland, with two delightful fellow business women.

In 2020 I decided to revisit my branding, to better align it with the purpose and values of my business. And so I have rebranded to MAHY, because for me, my craft is very personal and is a direct reflection of my own values.  

MAHY handbags are designed with purpose, functionality and longevity in mind because I truly believe in quality over quantity with well-designed, well-made handbags for everyday use that stand the test of time. 

I hand-pick and hand-cut only the best quality hides, sourced from local suppliers and then carefully design and create each handbag using sustainable practices and a focus on slow, considered fashion. 

Each MAHY handbag is cherished from conception to completion, and each design has its own unique personality inspired by influential female figures in history, from Marilyn Monroe to Beth Ditto. Meet them all here!

I see my designs as an extension of myself, as I see beauty in symmetry, composition, the dark and moody.

I would describe myself as a traditional craft maker committed to slow fashion which means designing, creating and buying things for quality and longevity over low-cost and convenience. I’m excited to be part of the global shift in how we produce and use the items we buy.