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Taking care of your leather

Taking care of your leather

At MAHY, we clearly adore leather. We love its variations and natural qualities which we think add character and charm. Each piece of leather is unique and special and needs a little bit of TLC to keep it in top-notch form.

So, when you’ve just become the happy owner of a bag from MAHY, we recommend checking the care label and doing a few small things that will keep your piece looking gorgeous for many years to come.

Leather is made from natural animal hide so it easily absorbs moisture and oils. It’s important to handle your bag – especially if it is a light colour – with clean hands.

The first – and most important – thing to do is to use a water-proofer. Leather waterproofing products are available over the counter and create a barrier so that moisture and stains are less likely to penetrate the leather and stain it.

If you do need to clean your bag (let’s be honest, life happens!) then do so with a soft, damp cloth. You can use a light cleanser formulated for cleaning leather but don’t over-do it. Leather can be sensitive and you don’t want to damage your bag. Using a gentle circular motion and following with a leather conditioner works best. This helps to keep the leather from drying out and prolongs the life of your bag.

Another tip to helping keep your bag in top shape, is to keep it stuffed when not in use. No one wants a bent out of shape bag, right? Once lightly stuffed, wrap your bag in a cotton wrap so it stays dry and dust-free. 

When you are using your bag, be sure to keep all liquids secure to prevent spillage. Ensure make-up is in its own small bag to avoid leaks. Pens and other inks are also trouble-makers to watch out for!

When you are out and about, avoid placing your bag on the floor where it can be easily damaged. Hang it on a bag hook or chair to keep it out of harm’s way.

Your MAHY bag has been made with love and attention to detail and if cared for, will be carrying your worldly goods for many years to come!