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Vegan Leather: Everything you need to know

Vegan Leather: Everything you need to know

Gone are the days of the ghastly “pleather” handbag. Old-fashioned pleather – or plastic leather – looked cheap and it was. But nowadays, the manufacturing industry is creating new, authentic-looking leather imitation materials that rival real leather in look and durability. Win win!

If you are someone who feels strongly about not using real leather – but you love the look of leather goods – then rest assured, vegan leather has your back. 

MAHY is currently working on some top-secret product development and is hoping to bring you some high-quality vegan leather products in 2021! So we can offer the same great designs to the world in non-leather form for everyone to enjoy some MAHY goodness. 

But what is vegan leather, we hear you ask. Well, it’s a man-made product that can be created using innovative and sustainable ingredients such as leaves, cork, kelp, pineapple, apple peels and recycled plastic. Pretty amazing, huh? These ingredients are manufactured to create materials that are strong, malleable, hard-wearing and able to be constructed into various items for modern life.

One other bonus is that most vegan leathers are already waterproof so there is little you will have to do but enjoy your new MAHY product.

These days, vegan leather is being used to produce pretty much anything that traditional leather is used for – shoes, bags, wallets, purses, even car seats. With these new technologies, the finish of vegan leather far exceeds that of its predecessor “pleather” – thank goodness.

Vegan leather is also cruelty-free and offers a wide variety of textures and colours. Natural materials such as cork create a rustic leather-look and different kelps can create a bendy, textured material that is able to be sewn. The types of materials used for making vegan leather vary a lot, hence why MAHY is currently exploring a variety of different options so we can be 100 percent happy with what we deliver to you. Exciting times ahead!