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Covid-19 is creating a shift to NZ-made

Covid-19 is creating a shift to NZ-made

This year was a big one, right? With so much change on a global scale, many Kiwis’ worlds have been flipped. Our safety and freedom was challenged and we were put to the test in mandatory “lockdown”. Now, many of us are looking for a more sustainable existence and ways in which we can live more in alignment with our values.

One thing many of us are shifting towards is buying New Zealand-made products. The benefits to this are clear: less fossil fuels to transport goods; a strong local production and manufacturing industry; more jobs; better quality goods that we know are ethically made; and the big one – not having to rely on the rest of the world to do something we can do here.

It’s no longer as viable to order things made offshore. Importation is slower due to Covid-19 restrictions around the world and we in New Zealand are in a unique position to become more self-sufficient.

Already New Zealanders were leaning more towards homegrown products. But now, with Covid-19 impacting our access to certain things, and questions arising about the lack of local production, there is a natural desire to return to the days of yore and make things here at home.

Even just 50 years ago, nearly everything for sale in New Zealand was manufactured here. Yes, things were more expensive, but they lasted. Perhaps this is the perfect time rethink our consumer and sustainability ideals and create a strong self-sufficient business environment once more, so that we don’t need to rely on international markets.

All products at MAHY have always been proudly New Zealand made. Each item is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to a very high standard, full of love and attention to detail.

Now, more than ever, Kiwis want this kind of quality, ethical, long-lasting product; and we are happy to be creating special pieces that stand the test of time and will be with you on your journey – wherever that may be!