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The Benefits of Slow Fashion

The Benefits of Slow Fashion

Slow fashion describes a mindful and intentional approach to production and shopping which considers humanity and the planet by reducing environmental impacts. Unlike fast fashion which consists of cheap products that have a highly negative impact on the environment, slow fashion prioritises quality and longevity. This doesn’t only relate to buying well-made, sustainably produced garments, but also buying secondhand or even just buying less.

Slow and sustainable fashion is important for so many reasons, from saving natural resources and reducing your carbon footprint to supporting fairer working conditions and halting mindless consumption. 

Reduced Environmental Impacts

By opting for slow fashion, you’re helping the environment in more ways than you can imagine. Many producers of slow fashion operate with the same set of eco-friendly practices, such as using recycled or naturally sourced fabrics, using predominantly renewable energy during production, using minimal water, disposing of waste in ethical ways and using recycled materials for shipping as opposed to plastic.

Fairer & Safer Working Conditions

Fast fashion is generally sourced and manufactured overseas as the cost of production and labour is significantly cheaper. Aside from the environmental issues caused by overseas factories with minimal regulations around carbon emissions, employees are often severely underpaid, overworked and operating in unsafe conditions. By opting for locally made, sustainable clothing, you can be sure that you’re supporting fair labour practices and that employees are being paid a living wage.

An End to Mindless Consumption

To adopt slow fashion is to rethink your relationship with consumption and prioritise quality over quantity. By shopping more deliberately and making a more conscious effort to identify what you do and don’t actually need, you’ll save money and end up with a selection of unique garments that will last a lifetime. You’ll also save time getting dressed in the morning by having a minimal wardrobe, and you may even fall in love with some of your old pieces again. 

The more people begin to adopt and advocate for the slow fashion movement, the sooner the collective mindset around consumerism will change and fast fashion will no longer have a place in society.