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Importance of buying local

Importance of buying local

With a big recovery effort ahead of us, choosing to spend your money locally is now more important than ever. Covid-19 has torn it’s way through communities, with economic turbulence putting immense pressure on small independent businesses. With a lack of overseas visitors, competition against cheap, foreign manufacturers and a more budget conscious nation, small businesses need our support in order to survive. 

When you choose to buy a New Zealand made product from a small business or opt for a local staycation instead of shooting off to far away lands, you’re cycling money back through the local economy. Local businesses are also likely to shop with other local businesses, creating a merry-go-round effect which keeps money within the community. The demand for local products and services also provide jobs and opportunities, often paying more reasonable wages than large chains.

Supporting local creates stronger and more meaningful relationships in the community. Nothing beats face-to-face customer service and expertise, seeing where your goods have come from and getting to know the people behind a company on a personal level. Towns with strong local businesses possess a sense of vibrancy that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Locally made products are generally high-quality, produced by small businesses with a true passion for their craft. When you purchase New Zealand made goods you can be sure they’ve been produced ethically with high-quality materials in a very deliberate way, rather than mass produced with little regard for the environment. Similarly, when you purchase produce from local farmers markets or small family owned grocery stores, you can be sure it’s as fresh as can be and locally grown.

There are many levels to shopping locally, from visiting your neighbourhood butcher instead of a large-chain supermarket, to choosing to purchase New Zealand made clothing online over cheaper international wares. Whatever you’re doing to shop locally, you’re helping to strengthen the economy, and playing a part in creating a stronger, more connected community.